Not Another Bloody eLearning Blog

Yes well! Does the world need another eLearning blog? Probably not, but maybe this is more about my need to unpack some of my understandings and see what I actually know, can do and believe after nearly a decade in the eLearning game. So if you find any of this useful, then you are very welcome to hang around and comment if so moved. If not, I’m just as happy for you to go on your way, travelling safely and kindly wherever you will.

I’ve been working on a workplace-based learning (WBL) pilot project with a few colleagues at Otago Polytechnic (OP)( One of the really interesting aspects of this project is the way in which a very rich Assessment of Prior Learning (APL), process is used to underpin the whole enterprise. Otago Polytechnic Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL), has a highly sophisticated, educationally advanced and robust APL process,  which is used as the starting point for any candidate wishing to embark on a WBL degree programme.

For the past few days I have been creating an audio-visual introduction to APL to go into the Moodle VLE site that will be used to support the WBL programme. One of the concepts that this introduction deals with is the notion of “unpacking” tacitly held knowledge that is deeply embedded in long-standing experience within a workplace setting. It requires deep  personal reflection and a means of organising one’s thinking and identifying critical elements that make up the knowledge and skills swimming around in one’s head.

I suppose this blog is an attempt to do just that. Why exactly I need to do this is not yet fully clear to me, but maybe it will become so, as I “unpack” stuff and have a good look at what’s there. My hope is that as I do this not only will I get some clarity about what I already know, and that it will shed some light on what else I need to focus on and maybe even open myself up to new types of learning and ways of knowing.

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